Leather Desktops



As an additional service we replace or fit new, leather desk tops, for office or study writing-desks. Simply chose from a range of patterns and colours on our suppliers list and we will fit a cut-to-measure leather inlay into your desktop, as replacement or as a distinctive feature in a newly crafted bespoke writing desk.


Leather colours available
ant_green.jpgAntiqued Green ant_olive.jpgAntiqued Olive ant_mustard.jpgAntiqued Mustard
ant_red.jpgAntiqued Red ant_burgundy.jpgAntiqued Burgundy ant_tan.jpgAntiqued Tan
plain_green.jpgPlain Green plain_olive.jpgPlain Olive plain_red.jpgPlain Red
plain_burgundy.jpgPlain Burgundy plain_black.jpgPlain Black